Mazoni Indústria de Calçado S.A.
Montezêlo - Friande
4614 - 909 Felgueiras
tel.: +351 255 310 980
fax: +351 255 310 989


We are a family driven company.

Founded in 1993 by Fernando Sampaio, we are a recognized footwear factory based in Felgueiras, the most important and famous shoe manufacturing region in Portugal. We are experts in producing men and women shoes (aprox. 800 pairs/day) while attending to high quality standards in all the different production phases.

collection development

Our team is not only experienced but extremely passionate about developing strong collections that meet the market expectations and need’s. We present our own collection every season, but also collaborate in the development and growth of some of the most prestigious international brands. In fact, 95% of our production is exported to more than 20 countries, in the most demanding markets. We commit to every project and order because we truly love what we do, and this passion, creativity and hard work shows in the quality of our products.

With over 28 years of experience, we balance traditional craftmanship with updated techniques and advanced equipment. We assume all the designing, commercial and productive follow-up, and the result is a truly personalized high quality handmade shoe.

A relationship driven company

As a relationship driven company, most of our employees and suppliers have worked with us for many years – some since the beginning – and we truly believe they are our most important assets, along with our customers. Indeed, we believe in working towards a great working environment for an even better product. We value the partnerships of excellence we establish, and this is only possible due to clear and open communication, confidentiality, expertise, and responsibility. We are very strict with complying to the deadline of our costumers’ collections/samples, as well as all production schedules – you are guaranteed to get your product in time.  

Additionally, we pride ourselves in our efforts towards an environmental and socially conscious production and existence. We believe that the footwear sector does not need to give up sustainability or quality to be accessible.

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