Mazoni Indústria de Calçado S.A.
Montezêlo - Friande
4614 - 909 Felgueiras
tel.: +351 255 310 980
fax: +351 255 310 989


A great working environment for an even better product.

Our collaborators are the base of our business. We guarantee a truthfully balance between craftsmanship and the most updated techniques and advanced equipments. The result is a truly personalized handmade shoe.
We develop our costumers collections since its embrionary phase attending to different types of construction:





We guarantee delivery date of ours costumers collections/samples as well as all production schedules. Guaranteed delivery of productions. Our great productive flexibility allow us to fulfill every small demand/order. For us, all commitments are contracts entered into by the factory.

“Sustainability, Creativity and Quality are vital values for Mazoni.”

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