Mazoni Indústria de Calçado S.A.
Montezêlo - Friande
4614 - 909 Felgueiras
tel.: +351 255 310 980
fax: +351 255 310 989

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Portuguese footwear manufacturer

Why Portugal?

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why Portugal
Mazoni Footwear

Mazoni Footwear

Founded in 1993 by Fernando Sampaio, we are a recognized footwear factory based in Felgueiras, the most important shoe manufacturing region of Portugal.



mazoni: since 1993

What we offer

  • A highly experienced, dedicated, and hardworking team.
  • Reliable and proficient technical support.
  • Consistent on time delivery.
  • High quality and sustainably resourced/produced shoes.

Why choose us?

  • We are fluent in design, development, and production. Our employees are all masters in the art of shoemaking, and many have worked a minimum of 28 years with us.
  • Our products bring together style, comfort, and quality.
  • We strive to establish and maintain a partnership of excellence with customers and suppliers.
  • We balance tradition and experience with innovation and updated techniques.
  • We love what we do and our pride and passion shine through.


At Mazoni, we are more and more committed with the environment!

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