Mazoni Indústria de Calçado S.A.
Montezêlo - Friande
4614 - 909 Felgueiras
tel.: +351 255 310 980
fax: +351 255 310 989

Committed with the environment

Sustainability is not a trend!

We are an environmental and socially conscious company, passionate in evolving everyday towards a more sustainable planet.

We are doing our best to embrace environmental and social challenges brought upon by fast fashion and develop sustainable solutions in the footwear sector.

Our team is here to help you produce a pair of shoes with high quality local materials, so you can easily meet your sustainability goals.

Privileged Location

Located in the most important shoe manufacturing region in Portugal, most of our materials are obtained/produced locally, which translates to significant reductions in both our carbon footprint and stock production. Due to this advantageous location, we’re able to order resources according to our weekly needs, moderating our consumption of raw materials to what is strictly necessary and avoiding overstock.

Sustainable Sources and Materials

Our suppliers are developing more and more recyclable or sustainable materials, such as recycled rubber or other incorporated recycled components, biodegradable leather, faux leather produced with a reduced eco footprint (no/reduced usage of chemicals and reduced water consumption in their tanning) or even recycled or organic fabrics.

We try to use these sustainable and environmentally conscious materials as much as we can in our collections, meeting the markets and various customers’ needs, while contributing other customers’, who may not be so acquainted with this issue, awareness.

Our Infrastructure

Over the last few years, we have invested in everything that can reduce our electric energy and fossil fuel consumption. From changing our company’s lights to low-consumption LEDs, to acquiring photovoltaic panels (which allows us to reduce electricity consumption by around 40%), and, more recently, investing in an electric company vehicle, we are constantly trying to do our best and evolve as a sustainable brand.

Further, we recycle cardboard and plastic and are working to get certified as a green business, which will give us more tools to reduce our ecological footprint.

Leather - Circular Economy Practices

The production of leather can also be seen as a circular economy practice and the usage of a material that would otherwise be destroyed. Leather producers obtain their raw material from the food industry. Because this raw material will continue to exist on the market and considering the growing environmental awareness of leather producers, one could argue that it would be more ecological to use leather rather than an artificial material that requires the usage of more chemicals or other non-natural resources in its production.

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