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Sustainable shoes: Mazoni promotes Open Day

Mazoni Footwear facilities

Sustainable shoes: Mazoni promotes Open Day

To mark World Environment Day, Mazoni will open the doors of its factory to the community, on June 6, with guided tours of the facilities. The main focus will be to make visitors aware of the good practices that Mazoni has been adopting in the context of the production and development of environmentally friendly footwear, such as the circular economy, the use of renewable energies, sustainable components in the production of footwear or even the ecodesign.

Over the last few years, Portuguese footwear has been focusing on sustainable fashion, and it is already a worldwide reference”, said Fernando Sampaio, CEO of Mazoni. “Mazoni is a company with a strong environmental conscience. With this open day, dedicated to the Environment, we hope to show those who visit us the best that Portugal produces in terms of sustainable footwear”, underlined the entrepreneur.

Fernando Sampaio also mentions that this Open Day also falls within the “scope of Mazoni’s transparency policy”, intending to show that the “footwear industry has evolved a lot in recent years”, and that it is now an “advanced industry, using state-of-the-art technology”, and which offers “good working conditions to its employees”.

Founded in 1993, Mazoni is a footwear factory based in Felgueiras. The company’s 80 employees produce around 800 pairs of shoes a day. Mazoni exports its entire production to more than 20 countries.

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